Sunday, July 5, 2015

Clean Break (2014) - Review

Clean Break (2014) **
D: Tricia Lee
C: Tianna Nori, Samy Osman, Sean Kaufmann, Serge Plourde, Rachelle Corbeil, Bern Euler, Zoe Gamache

Plot Synopsis: A psycho girlfriend, Tracy, moves in with her boyfriend Scott and his two roommates, Cam and Dan, only to start targeting them when they get in the way of her plans for the perfect relationship.

Review: Reviewing a film like Clean Break almost seems kind of pointless. I've seen this type of film a million times. You've seen this type of film a million times. Some guy becomes involved with some girl. When things don't go the way that some girl wants them to go, some girl turns to violence & manipulation to try and get what she wants. This kind of plot structure is formula film-making 101 and Clean Break isn't any different from all the others out there. 

This time around, the some girl role is played by Tianna Nori. Nori does an acceptable job playing this part. Costumer Amanda Gougeon and hair & makeup person, Lisa Quail, have contributed to giving this character a distinct look. However, since there's virtually no backstory letting us know how this some girl character came to be and how she developed her predisposition for violence, she's just another psycho foaming at the mouth. 

Despite being handicapped by the generic premise, plot structure and characterizations, it's obvious that the people behind Clean Break didn't want to turn out a generic film. Some of the dialogue is a bit more considered. There's some well observed moments where the characters are allowed to actually act like human beings. And some of the themes that the film is trying to explore, come across (on screen) in a tangible way. It's an honest attempt at trying to elevate this type material, but nothing can disguise that Clean Break is an unnecessary addition to a sub-genre that's been done to death. [Not Rated] 81 mintes.

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