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Savage Vengeance (aka I Spit on Your Grave 2) - Review

Savage Vengeance (1993) *
*Completed in 1988.
D: Donald Farmer
C: Camille Keaton, Donald Farmer, Phil Newman, Linda Lyer, Robin Sinclair, Melissa Moore

Plot Synopsis: Five years after being raped by four men, a woman is raped again, then goes after her attackers with a vengeance. 

Review: For anyone that's a devoted fan of the I Spit on Your Grave franchise, this unofficial sequel / remake is a true curio. The artwork is eye catching as well. That's where the good news ends. 

Things get off to a bad start during the opening credits when you realize that the film's title is misspelled. Things get worse when Camille Keaton, heroine of the original I Spit on Your Grave, appears on screen. Keaton looks as beautiful as ever, even with red hair. I just have one question though? Where's her name at in the credits? Instead, Camille Keaton is billed under the name Vickie Kehl. That's two strikes against the film and that's even before anything significant has happened.

From the get go, it's apparent that Savage Vengeance was recorded on some kind of VHS (or Beta) tape. This is a production method that I've always been against, because films made this way look cheap & unpolished. Within the first few minutes, there's a rape sequence in which Keaton is raped by several men who manage to engage in forcible sexual activity without even so much as having to take off their pants or unzip their flies! This sequence sets the tone for the proceedings that follow. 

The violence, gore & various special effects are just as amateurishly done as the film's opening rape. The running time is padded out with meaningless insert shots & music numbers. There's continuity errors, the kind that even casual viewers will notice. Then there's the ending or lack thereof. Rumor has it that Camille Keaton walked off set before filming was complete. Can anyone blame her? Even if Savage Vengeance had raised above being a no budget rehash of the original I Spit On Your Grave, it's done in by its lack of trying to make any of the various scenarios convincing. 

Given this review, some people will think that Savage Vengeance is bad in an entertaining way, but it isn't. It's bad in a tedious way. If you're looking for a lesser known, hard to find horror film that's bad, in a fun sort of way then I recommend checking out Sorority Girls and the Creature From Hell instead. That's a film that's worth your time when compared to this dreck. [Not Rated] 65 minutes.

AKA: I Will Dance on Your Grave: Savage Vengeance
AKA: I Spit on Your Grave 2
AKA: Return to the Grave

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