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Tony (2009) - Review - @BrandonCSites

Tony (2009) **
D: Gerard Johnson
C: Peter Ferdinando, Lorenzo Camporese, Ricky Grover, Neil Maskell

Plot Synopsis: A thriller centered on a serial killer in a rundown London suburb.

Review: Over the course of Tony, we meet a serial killer. He lives a simple life of wanting to stay at home in his dingy apartment, watching action movies and of wanting to establish friendships, despite his introverted demeanor. At the beginning, Tony allows people to walk all over him, but in the end, when his lifestyle is threatened, Tony takes to murder.

In a way, Tony is about a person coming into their own, even if that person kills others. Peter Ferdinando is effective in the title role. The film's portrait of poverty row London feels authentic & real. And the scenes of violence are quite harrowing.

However, in terms of story, Tony is quite simplistic. Sure, there's a character arc in that it shows Tony being bullied to becoming a full fledged killer, but what else is there to this character? Why does Tony want to simply stay at home and live off unemployment? What lead to Tony being such a introvert? How did Tony develop this predisposition for violence? These are questions that are never addressed.

Tony is a technically proficient production in service of a thin story, but even if the material had been fleshed out, Tony isn't a particularly interesting character, at least not interesting enough to center an entire feature film around. [Not Rated] 76 minutes.

AKA: Tony: London Serial Killer  

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