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Bad Behavior (2013) - Review - @BrandonCSites

Bad Behavior (2013) *
D: Nicholas Brandt, Lisa Hamil
C: Hallee Hirsh, Austin Rogers, Linda Hamilton, Ted McGinley, Jeremy Dozier, Elsie Fisher, Andrew James Allen, Jessica Gardner

Plot Synopsis: Trapped overnight by an unknown assailant, a babysitter struggles to stay safe. As the hours tick by, she realizes that the greatest threat might be from the very children she's trying to protect.

Review: In the wake of films like Cube or Open Water, a new type of horror movie was born - the trapped in one setting film. The reason this sub-genre has to endured and become quite popular is, because these films require only a handful of cast members and a minimum of locations. Or, in other words, they're economical to make.

My problem with this sub-genre is that it's next to impossible to bring anything original or creative to these films. A group of characters are going to be trapped in one setting. They'll argue about what to do. They'll try to escape, but are bound to fail in those attempts least until the finale. And then there's an arbitrary ending in which the characters will either escape or not.

Bad Behavior sticks to those perimeters only this time around the setting is a bathroom, the captives are a babysitter & her two charges and the captor is the mentally unstable brother of one of those charges. There's nothing scary or suspenseful about this addition to the genre, because people aren't inherently afraid of bathrooms ....well, except for maybe germs. That's what made Open Water successful. It played up to people's inherent fear of the ocean, of sharks, of being trapped in the middle of nowhere w/ no help in sight. 

As for the characters, they aren't so much characters, but products of their environments who are only there to be held captive, to argue and to try and escape. If you're going to place the bulk of the action in one setting, at least give viewers someone interesting to watch or give them some dialogue that stands out.

Now, there was a chance that this type material could've worked, but it would have to be as a one act play. In that format, they could be more succinct and to the point. In a feature length film, the proceedings have been padded out to at least 80 some minutes. That padding leads to things becoming repetitious and outright boring.

As a critic, I felt just as trapped as the characters in that I had to stick this out. I hoped that maybe something would happen, that maybe a character would say something that made me laugh or some kind of engaging situation would occur. That never happened. Viewers, on the other hand, don't need to be trapped by this bore of a movie. They can simply turn it off. [Not Rated] 83 minutes.

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