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The Wicked Within - Review - @BrandonCSites

The Wicked Within (2015) **
D: Jay Alaimo
C: Sienna Guillory, Michele Hicks, Sonja Kinski, Enzo Cilenti, Gianni Capaldi, Eric Roberts, Karen Austin, Heath Freeman, Sarah Lassez, Patrick Muldoon, William McNamara

Plot Synopsis: Following the death of a child, a vulnerable member of her family becomes possessed by a vengeful demonic spirit.

Review: The Wicked Within is yet another tale of a person possessed by an entity claiming to be the Devil himself. It's competently made & acted, but oh so familiar. 

One of the characters becomes possessed. They speak in a gravelly voice while twisting & bending their body in array of positions. They come onto other characters in a sexual manner. They use secrets that the other characters are hiding from one another to try and break their spirit.

The other characters watch in horror as this scenario unfolds. They aren't so much characters, but bystanders meant to act shocked or horrified by what's going on so that the at home viewing audience is queued into when they're supposed to be shocked or horrified. That's a shame too as Sonja Kinski (daughter of Klaus Kinski) looks like she's ready to practically smolder off the screen. She has a powerful on screen presence.  

Anyway, the characters resort to the usual measures - tying down the possessed character, calling a psychic, calling a priest, etc. In one scene, in which a Priest is yelling the power of Christ compels you, the possessed character laughs and makes fun of the Priest for stealing lines from The Exorcist. I wish more of that humor had been sprinkled throughout. 

Eventually, everything comes to a boil and the characters are left to reflect on what's happened. In an attempt to spice up the generic storytelling, there's an 11th hour plot twist. Some people will undoubtedly go ewww or ahhh, but it's still just a twist that's meant to camouflage the inherent weakness of the material. Maybe if the film had been told from the perspective of the person revealing this 11th hour twist, it might have given this some sort of distinguishing characteristic?

While The Wicked Within is a watchable effort (and I use the word effort loosely as not much effort was put into the storytelling), it's still the same old, same old repackaged with a different cast and brand new spanking artwork. [R] 91 minutes.

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