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You (Us) Me - Review - @BrandonCSites

You (Us) Me (2014) **
D: Max Sobol
C: Christian J. Wilde, Hannah Kew, Hilary Hodsman, Avi Nassa, Lara Rossi, Dominic Dowbekin, James Everett, Catherine Rowney    

Plot Synopsis: A fledgling serial killer falls in love with a suicidal girl who, unbeknownst to him, is only hanging around because she wants him to bump her off.

Review: Edward, a murderer falls in love with one of his intended victims, Vivian, a suicidal woman who has failed in her attempts to kill herself. From this initial premise comes an intriguing idea. 

Edward, as played by Christian J. Wilde, is being zeroed in by the police who suspect him of murder. He has no real friends to speak of. His mom is manipulative & controlling. Edward is drifting through life aimlessly with no real sense of purpose, yet he still holds onto life, despite his circumstances.

Vivian, on the other hand, is a bright, attractive young woman. She has friends who care for her. She's obviously a capable person, yet despite that potential, she wants to end her life. The idea of the person who has everything to live for, but wants death vs the person who has nothing to live for, but wants life is a solid hook. 

However, once the premise is laid out and character motivation is revealed, You (Us) Me gets stuck in one repetitive situation after another. Edward argues with Vivian about not wanting to kill her. Vivian spells out to Edward why he should kill her. They have sex in between some of these debates and when they're not having sex, both characters struggle with the situation at hand. Then Vivian & Edward argue ....again. Then they have sex ....again. Then they go off and anguish about the situation at hand .....again!

Eventually, the police start honing in on Edward. This sub-plot allows for some plot complications to ensure, something You (Us) Me needed more of. A strong premise can only carry a film, but so far. There has to be something to keep viewers engaged whether that's an interesting character or an interesting plot development. You (Us) Me, dots it i's and crosses it t's so early on, in regards to establishing the scenario & characters, that there's no where left to go. As a result, after a bright start, the film limps along to an inevitable conclusion. [Not Rated] 88 minutes.

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