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Bad Sister - Review - @BrandonCSites

Bad Sister (2015) **
D: Doug Campbell 
C: Alyshia Ochse, Devon Werkheiser, Ryan Newman, Helen Eigenberg, Lise Simms, Sloane Avery, Josh Plasse, Hugh B. Holub, James Handy, 

Plot Synopsis: A student at a Roman Catholic boarding school learns that a new nun is an impostor who's obsessed with her brother.

Review: Bad Sister is the millionth film to ripoff Fatal Attraction. This time around, the Glenn Close character has been replaced with a nun who falls for one of her students. The nun in question is played by Alyshia Ochse. She's one of those nuns that, despite being buried in layers of clothing, looks awfully hot. However, the people behind this knew that it would be a disservice to keep Ochse's character buried in nun attire, so they throw in a scene where she strips down to a pair of bra & panties that look like something purchased from the nearest Victoria's Secret all while Ochse lathers & caresses her body. The icing on the cake is that they make sure to have one of the students spying in on her. 

In another instance, our nun anti-hero, unbuttons her shirt just enough to show a sliver of skin. That sliver of skin juxtaposed against the nun costume is the stuff of teenage masturbatory fantasies. If this were a teen sex comedy, Ochse would fit along side Sylvia Kristel in Private Lessons or Caren Kaye in My Tutor

It's obvious that Bad Sister is aiming to be nothing more then trash. Thankfully, they have the incite to know that simply having nuns show some skin isn't nearly trashy enough. They have a scene of a nun planting drugs on one student, alcohol on another. They got a nun who's scheming, lying, backstabbing & manipulating anyone that stands in her way. We have nun on nun fighting. And, in my favorite scene of all, sex in the confessional booth!

This sounds like a wet fantasy come true! Now comes the BUT part, but it doesn't quite work. It's certainly amusing, at times, but it never approaches that gleefully trashy aesthetic of the best trash films. The quickest & most obvious route of blame is to say that this type material would've been better suited for an R rated movie where they could've featured more profanity, violence, nudity & sex. Then again, one of the great trash films of the past 20 years, The In Crowd, was rated PG-13. So, it's quite possible that this type material could've worked in the Lifetime TV movie format.

The problem is that while Bad Sister is willing to put one foot over the line in sacrificing good taste, it's not willing to put both feet over the line. For example, our nun anti-hero really isn't a nun, but an impostor. That's Lifetime's way of trying to skirt controversy as to why a nun would sleep around or attack teenagers. If the main character had been a genuine nun vs a fake, it would've made the proceedings all the more perverse and upping the trash quotient in the process. 

Or, when it comes to the nun on nun fighting, before these scenes have a chance to take off, they're coming to an end. With The In Crowd, the girl on girl brawl wasn't treated as an after thought, but as the main event. The people involved with The In Crowd knew that this girl on girl fight had the potential to be deliciously over the top, so they threw everything into the mix and the payoff was a show stopping fight to the death between two hot chicks that covered a variety of settings, including water, dirt & dingy old basements. The people behind Bad Sister, on the other hand, play up to certain aspects involving trash, but shy away from others.

It's often been said that less is more, but, when it comes to trash cinema, more is more. These are the types of films that you can't show restraint on. You have to be willing to throw out all inhibitions and go balls to the wall. Bad Sister is like a New Year's resolution. It has a goal of being something trashy & tasteless, but it isn't willing to put in the necessary effort in reaching that goal. [Not Rated] 87 minutes.

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