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Call Girl of Cthulhu - Review - @BrandonCSites

Call Girl of Cthulhu (2014) **1/2
D: Chris LaMartina
C: David Phillip Carollo, Melissa O'Brien, Nicolette le Faye, Dave Gamble, Helenmary Ball, Alex Mendez, Sabrina Taylor-Smith, Leanna Chamish, Craig Peter Coletta, Elena Rose, George Stover, Ruby Larocca

Plot Synopsis: A virginal artist falls in love with the chosen bride of Cthulhu, and has to stop an ancient cult from using her to summon their god to destroy the world.

Review: Chris LaMartina is the writer, director & producer behind such horror films as President's Day, Witch's Brew, the internet web series Lost Trailer Park and, now, Call Girl of Cthulhu. The general aesthetic of these movies is capturing the essence of schlocky horror films of yesteryear. That tradition continues on with this production.

The story involves a introverted artist who falls in love with a hooker. Just one problem, his new found love has been chosen to give birth to Cthulhu's baby all in an effort to bring about the end of the world! It's a ridiculous premise if ever there was one, but wasn't that part of the charm of these schlocky horror films?

Call Girl of Cthulhu doesn't rest on just a ridiculous premise though. There's a variety of interesting details from the costuming, to the makeup effects, to the casting, to even the set decoration. All of these elements look right at home in a schlocky horror film. Now, I'm not going to give away those details, because part of the reward is for viewers to be able to discover them on their own. I will say that those details make this arresting in that my eye was constantly looking the screen over to see what I could pick up on. Those details kept me interested & engaged with what was happening on screen. 

Credit is also due to Nicolette le Faye. She turns in an unexpectedly appealing performance. If you've seen her in some of Chris' past films, you know she usually plays characters with a harder edge. As a punk musician with a tough exterior who lets her guard down when she falls in love with the main character, she's able to bring the edge of her past work, while also presenting a softer side. She has a spunk to her and I wish that we saw her on screen more often. Overall, in terms of direction & performances, this is Chris' most assured effort, but it isn't as strong as some of his past films. 

President's Day, while not without fault, was a breath of fresh air. In that film, we saw a killer picking off the candidates during a high school election. We saw the intricacies involved in a high school election, the manipulations, the back stabbing, the tactics, etc. We saw how some candidates were doing it for all the right reasons, but were quickly disposed of by a serial killer. We saw how other students were simply involved to cement their own popularity. President's Day had a legit train of thought and made pointed statements while giving us schlock elements that I love about a Chris LaMartina production.

Call Girl of Cthulhu makes statements about the correlation between sex, STD's, horror and even love. The problem is that this material has been done to death in a variety of other films and done better at that. While the elements of schlock make for an eye catching, even entertaining experience, this film lacks the nuance or creativity of his past endeavors. [Not Rated] 92 minutes.         

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