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Interview with Justin Little of Ghostline

Justin Little
Phones have been a device of terror for iconic horror movies such as When A Stranger Calls, Black Christmas & Scream. That tradition continues on with Ghostline. However, instead of it being a madman or a ghost faced killer lurking on the other end, it turns out the very phone line, itself, is haunted by a supernatural entity that wants both revenge & closure. Co-starring in Ghostline is Justin Little.

Now available on both VOD and DVD, I took the time to ask Justin a few questions about the movie. So, instead of blabbering on. Let's get right to things.....  

Hi Justin. Let me ask the quintessential question. Who's Justin Little and what are you all about?

I'm an identical twin, a day dreamer, sensitive and creative.  I'm a guy that grew up in a small town named 'Terrace'  located in British Columbia Canada.  My father still lives there, whom I miss very much. I have other interests, but acting has been the driving force that got me out of 'Terrace' and brought me to California. I've always been searching for himself through this thing called acting.

Ghostline - Teaser Artwork
You have a new film out called Ghostline. Can you tell us some about the film and your take on it? 

It's a suspense thriller that was shot in San Diego. The writer/director, Dean Whitney, passed away recently. He was a genuine, kind person who wanted to be creative in his own way and was learning like everyone else. He also believed in my acting ability. I'm humbled that he offered me the role of Eric Chambers, because it gave me a chance to delve into something worthwhile.

Tell us some about your role in the film without giving away any spoilers? 

Sure. I played a character who's basically not a very nice man. He's like a 'Black Widow', silent, but deadly if provoked.

What did you try to bring to the character of Eric Chambers?

A nonchalant attitude, not awe of the world or anyone or anything for that matter. I wanted to have a certain mystery about him without giving away too much. 

Justin Little in Ghostline
Was there any characteristics about this character that you could relate to and if so, how?

The only characteristic that really stands out to me was his privacy that he enjoyed. As I get older, I enjoy solitude, peace and being away from noise & people. 

Can you tell us some about the shoot?

The shoot was about a month long, I believe. My scenes were shot in a house and in a bar. Dean, created a wonderful shooting environment for us. We had everything we needed. He also allowed me the freedom to bring my ideas and thoughts to this role. It was a warm friendly working environment. I was looking forward to shooting the sequel that Dean & I had talked about. I think about him often. 

Justin Little opposite of  Rachel Alig in Ghostline
Now that Ghostline is done and out there.....

I know that a lot of the reviews are mixed, but I think it's quite well done, including the make-up.  Personally, I'm grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of this project. I learned a tremendous amount and had the chance to work with some wonderful people. 

Dean Whitney put his heart & soul into it. It was his first real feature, one of many he was going to do. 

Justin Little w/ Twin Brother - Jason
Let's talk personally for a second, what made you want to get into acting to begin with?

Wow! I owe it all to one man, Mr. Koven, my eighth grade drama teacher. He showed me a whole new world, one where I was free, to play and dress up in costumes.  He's an amazing person.  He had this special gift where he was able to take a small, shy child like myself and turn him into a creative, confident actor.  

The first time I stepped out on stage, I was nervous, but after delivering a few lines, those feelings dissipated.  I participated in drama all through high school. I felt an instant connection with acting, something I didn't find in sports or other clubs. 

What's your overall train of thought when approaching a role?

The first thing I do is take my lines and read them over, a lot. Once I get the lines out the way, then the creative work begins. I bring my own personality and life experiences to a role. The talented actors like Daniel Day Lewis ultimately disappear into a role. That's my goal.

Justin Little
As an actor, what makes you distinctive?

I've heard that I have a certain intensity that leads to the audience being immersed in what I'm doing.

What's next for you?

I'm in the process of writing a script for the short film version of How Do You Say Dad in Greek, which is based on my life. I have a few films on the slate, but in this business, you don't have a job until your on set and hear the word Action!

Any final comments?

Yes. I do as a matter of fact. I want to express how happy I was that I was introduced to that drama class back in high school. It changed who I thought I was and who I have become today. It has always been the impetus that has created this path for me. Acting is one of those things that I love & hate, but I'll never stop. I hope for the chance to play interesting and challenging roles someday.

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