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Alien Predator - Review - @BrandonCSites

Alien Predator (1985) **
D: Deran Sarafian
C: Dennis Christopher, Martin Hewitt, Lynn Holly Johnson, Luis Prendes, J.O. Bosso

Plot Synopsis: Three teens touring Spain in an RV witness an outgrowth of microbes brought back from the moon.

Review: In Alien Predator, we watch as a trio of friends stumble upon an alien outbreak. From there, they try to put a stop to this before it's too late. In terms of story, that's it.

It's a thin story, not nearly enough to sustain a 92 minute movie. The characters run around in circles trying to make it seem like they're doing something important. Some of the locals are styled in an exaggerated way in an attempt to sell viewers on how this alien invasion is affecting people. A more subtle approach would've been far more suspenseful as we're left to guess who is and who isn't infected. The score swells up to give extra credence to what's going on. It doesn't work. The three leads are competent actors. They try to bring depth to each of their respective roles, but they're more or less catalyst to observe the special effects and horror scenarios vs actual characters.

Every once in a while, there's icky gore effects on display that involve aliens bursting out of people. It's during these moments that Alien Predator comes alive, because it's one of the few instances where there's creativity on display.

These special effects sequences serve as reminder of how uninspired the material is. They try to dress up things with solid casting and special effects, but despite the efforts of those involved, it still can't disguise that this is another undistinguished entry in the alien sci-fi / horror genre. [R] 92 mins.

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AKA: The Falling
AKA: Alien Predators

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