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The Best in Horror - 2015 - @BrandonCSites

Welcome, as I (Brandon C. Sites: Critic of Modern Day Horror) take you on a journey back to what I thought was the best in horror for the year 2015. When creating these best of lists, I didn't want to set perimeters to the amount of films that I would include in each category. With that in mind, it's possible for there to be zero (yes, zero!) films in any given category, if I felt there was nothing worthy of inclusion. On the other hand, if I felt there were 5 or even 10 films worth including in a certain category, ....well then there's going to be 5 or even 10 films in that category. 

My main reason for taking this approach is, because I didn't want to list films as being the best of for the sake of listing films. Also, if I felt that a certain category really stood out in horror for that year, I didn't want to be limited in the amount that I could choose.

With all of that said, let's dive into 2015. This was a middle of the road kind of year. I saw promise in various aspects of the genre, but fully realized films were few & far between. A prime example is Final Girl, directed by Tyler Shields. It had insightful dialogue and considered moments of character development. Yet, it doesn't deliver on the promise of its premise.

There was #Horror, a film with not only a message, but it was one of the most visually stunning genre efforts of 2015. Yet, story was sacrificed in favor of the visuals and the message. At the end of the day, people watch films to see a story that interest them. So, you can't sacrifice that in favor of everything else.

That was my conundrum in approaching the genre efforts of 2015. You either had stories that weren't technically executed in a proficient way or you had technical proficiency in service of flawed material. 





Actor in a Leading Role:

Xavier Samuel - Frankenstein
Henry Rollins - He Never Died
Actress in a Leading Role: 

Olivia DeJonge - The Visit

Actor in a Supporting Role:

David Dencik - Regression
Alexander Ludwig - Final Girl
David Morse - The Boy
Rainn Wilson - The Boy
Steve Agee - Amigo Undead

Actress in a Supporting Role: 

Angela Trimbur - The Final Girls
Lauren Lakis - Rows

Writing (Original or Adapted Screenplay): 

Alejandro AmenĂ¡bar - Regression 


Noah Greenberg - The Boy
Juan Sebastian Baron - The House on Pine Street 
Learan Kahanov - #Horror
Scott Chestnut - Rows





Production Design:

James Wiley Fowler, John Gathright - Intruders
Carol Spier, Friday Myers - Regression
Eric Matheson, Cameron Matheson - Backgammon  
Daniel Subkoff, Tara Subkoff - #Horror 

Costume Design: 

Maria Livingstone - Final Girl
Maili Lafayette - Backgammon 

Promising Newcomers:

Noah Silver - Actor - Backgammon
Dan Creed - Actor - Bastard

Tara Subkoff - Director - #Horror
Sonja Kinski - Actress - The Wicked Within
Tyler Shields - Writer / Director - Final Girl
Michael Galante - Actor - Kill Game
Natalie Burn - Actress - Awaken
Lee Bane - Actor - Robert the Doll

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