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Nightmare Nurse - Review - @BrandonCSites

Nightmare Nurse (2016) *1/2
D: Craig Moss
C: Sarah Butler, Steven Good, Lindsay Hartley, Traci Lords, René Ashton, Michael Finn, Jessica Morris, Nate Scholz

Plot Synopsis: When Brooke and her boyfriend Lance are injured in a tragic car accident and Lance is left to be cared for by a beautiful but troubled nurse, it soon becomes apparent to the happy young couple that someone is out to destroy their lives.

Review: Nightmare Nurse is yet another thriller that premiered on the Lifetime Channel. Reviewing these films is almost arbitrary. 


The title is attention grabbing. 
-They play up to some trashy shenanigans. but when it comes to delivering the goods, they politely shy away. 
-They always have the type of villain that you love to hate, but, of course, good has to triumph over evil. Finally, they're always plotted in a way in which it's all build up and no payoff.


-When it comes to delivering on trashy shenanigans, they build up to it, but then politely shy away.
-With the title Nightmare Nurse, they have the type of villain that a franchise could be built around. but, of course, good has to triumph over evil.

What I mean by that is, they always set up the premise. There's always some sort of cat & mouse element. Then, when it comes time for the grand finale, the last reel (after the final commercial break), it's a rushed battle of sorts between the villain & heroine. They always treat these finales as throwaways, because not only do they have to cram in a final duel, but they also have to cram in the obligatory happy ending while also leaving the door open for a sequel.

Nightmare Nurse follows this formula to the tee. Watching it, I couldn't help, but wonder if Lifetime has an instruction manual on how to make movies. Do the the writer, director & producer merely assemble the pieces from this instruction manual? That seems to be the only logical conclusion considering that these movies all look and feel the same. If you enjoy this formula, there's no doubt that you'll enjoy Nightmare Nurse. For me, personally, I'm tired of factory assembled movies. [Not Rated] 83 minutes.

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