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Most Likely To Die - Review - @BrandonCSites

Most Likely to Die (2015) *1/2
D: Anthony DiBlasi
C: Heather Morris, Ryan Doom, Chad Addison, Perez Hilton, Tatum Miranda, Jake Busey, Tess Christiansen, Marci Miller, Jason Tobias, Johnny Ramey, Skyler Vallo

Plot Synopsis: It's the night before a 10-year high school reunion and someone's been holding a grudge. One by one, former classmates are slain in ways befitting their yearbook superlatives.

Review: In Most Likely to Die, a group of people are offed as adults, because of their involvement with a prank back in their high school days. Based off this premise, two movies come to mind - Terror Train & Slaughter High. Both of those films involved pranksters getting their just deserts.

Terror Train
had a gimmick in that the killer switched outfits with his victims during the middle of a costume party. Slaughter High had a gimmick as well in that it took place on April Fool's Day and the murder set pieces were connected to various ideas associated with prank pulling. In comparing Most Likely to Die with those two movies, the first thing that raced through my mind was, what does it really have to offer?!? What makes it stand out?!? 

Terror Train & Slaughter High didn't exactly set the world ablaze with their originality, but at least they had something that gave them some form of distinction. The only thing that Most Likely to Die has to offer is a B level cast (or, in the eye of the general public, Z level). All of these actors have seen better days. There's nothing that's going to ring the nostalgia bell and make you remember why you liked them in the first place. The cast simply recites their lines and collects a paycheck in the process.

Even if I didn't ask for something to set Most Likely to Die apart from the countless movies out there, when it comes to the business of slashing, there's nothing excitingly violent, gratuitously thrilling, unexpectedly funny or remotely suspenseful. This is a paint by the numbers or, in this case, a kill by the numbers type affair. So, in a desperate attempt to bring pizzazz to a rather flat production, they throw in a last minute plot twist. 

This proves to be most frustrating for a myriad of reasons. First off, it's the only eye opening moment in the entire production and it comes at the very end! Two, because it fails to bring resolution to the proceedings which, in affect, makes everything else feel pointless. Three, in trying to critique why it frustrated me, I can't actually describe what the twist is without giving it away, but I'll try! I'll try, damn it!!!

The plot twist is one of those moments that feels like the beginning and not the end. It's during this plot twist, that the story feels like it has a sense of purpose, but since it ends at the plot twist, it leaves things feeling unresolved. The plot twist left me hanging in that I wanted to know what happens next. What was the next story development from that point on? To give an analogy, it's like someone telling a joke, but failing to give you the punchline. The joke might pique your interest, but it's the punchline that ties it all together. Most Likely to Die fails to deliver the punchline that could tie everything together.

What we're left with is a potentially exciting plot twist that they fail to develop. Instead, we're stuck with generic storytelling in a generic, uninspired presentation. 
[Not Rated] 81 minutes. 

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