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Hello! I'm always accepting submissions. A past tag line on my old blog site was, covering the world of horror whether it's black or white, gay or straight or whether the film has a budget of $5000 or $50 million. I bring equal consideration to all films.

My initial horror blog generated over 5 million hits in two years. I've been an IMDB News Desk provider. I've had articles featured on sites such as TMZ, Indiebration and, of course, IMDB. With that said......

1.) I no longer cover movie news. It became too time consuming and caused me to burn out. If you want to send me a press release (outisde of fundraising campaigns), I will either tweet or post about it on Facebook though.   

2.) As far as review submissions, I do accept online screeners. With that said, I prefer if you mailed out a DVD. I don't need a final copy (or store copy). So there really isn't any excuse as to why you can't mail out a DVD since postage would only be around a $1. 

The main reason I want a DVD vs an online screener is that when I watch a film on my TV vs watching it on my computer, I'm far less likely to get distracted.

2.) All submissions need to be accompanied by a press release. If you don't have a press release, I will need you to e-mail me the following info:
-Year of release or intended year of release
-MPAA Rating
-Run Time
-Plot Synopsis 
-IMDB link

-Info about the director's previous work.
-Info about the main cast members.

DO NOT send me a link saying that the info is located on such and such site. Please include the info I'm requesting in an e-mail.

3.) I only review future length films with a minimum running time of 35 minutes. 

4.) Submissions are exactly that - submissions. A submission does not guarantee a review. With that being said, I have reviewed well over 95% of the stuff mailed out to me.

5.) All screeners become my property upon receipt. I WILL NOT upload your film to any torrent sites. As an aspiring filmmaker myself, I know how damaging that can be.

6.) If you interested in having your film featured on my website, please either e-mail me at with the subject - REVIEW SUBMISSION or if you have any questions, please call 571-402-9727.

You can also mail submissions to:

Brandon Sites
913 Augustine Dr.
Culpeper, VA 22701
C/O (care of) Joyce Sites-Baez


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